First run completed! – week 3 day 1 starting point

Its been a couple of months in the making inside my brain, this desire to start running again brewing slow and steady. Thats a good sign though, slow and steady. Means I might actually have a long-term relationship with running.

Status report on the knee : Slightly puffier than before the run, feels a little funny, too. wobbly and sensations inside it. Knee problems are to translate into words. It’s just weird and not normal, mmkay?

Status report on muscle soreness: None. I have some sensations that indicate I might actually still have gluteus medius muscles and quadriceps! Hallelujah!

Status report on food: I had a big unhealthy coffee drink from starbucks. But I am just now realizing its time to shift my focus on the healthy things I eat, and make healthy-eatting the focus. I have been living in a place of “Oh, this is so bad for me, if I eat this… I am going to get fat…. Eating it anyway.” I need to change my thoughts about this whole thing all over again. And refocus.

At least I am feeling determined to start working out again. I have group meditation tonight. So, the run will have to wait for tomorrow!



week 7, day 5

After every run at night, I look up at the stars while I walk home. It’s always beautiful, and makes me feel like I am a part of something greater. I absolutely love my moments with the stars after my run. It feels good for my soul. Tonight, while logging on to post another update about my run, I came across this video and I don’t just think it was by coincidence. Some times things are just meant to be spoken and shared.

The Most Astounding Fact from Max Schlickenmeyer on Vimeo.

Have a beautiful weekend!