the wtf diet

I need help.

I have strayed from keto for far too long, but not long enough to change my thought process about how to eat. I love keto, I love the recipes and the food, I also love that it brought me down to a weight I can be happy with. Since I have started going to the gym on a daily basis and lifting weights, I have felt the need to reintroduce some grains into my life. But, this hasn’t really benefited me in a way that I can physically perceive, in fact, I think it’s hindered my weight loss. My belly has also expanded ( shhhhh, this has nothing to do with the bag of Cheetos I ate yesterday), and I am finding myself getting frustrated once again with  my diet.

You see, I am following this “Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer” program and with it comes a dietary guide to get the maximum benefit of all the hard work you put in at the gym, only problem is… grains, and starches are a part of the guide and fat is pretty much a no-no on the plan… How does this translate to my life? Well, It hasn’t. I still eat the high fat foods, but have incorporated oats and some low carb tortillas. The two foods cannot exist happily on a diet, I think.  So, for a while I was thinking ” what if I just stick with calories in vs. calories out”? That doesn’t seem to work very well either… I have gained back 5 lbs and hovering in the low 150s now for about 2 months. SO annoying!

Do I go back hardcore on keto again and just deal with the rashes and hope that my body is getting what it needs from the heavy lifting at the gym? or do I abandon keto altogether? This limbo thing certainly isn’t working for me. I don’t know what to do.




Hello, Confidence. It’s been a while!

I am happy to finally report back to you all and say, that my absence from writing hasn’t been because of going into hiding from falling off the wagon or from not working my tail off. Believe me,  I have BEEN WORKING MY TAIL OFF!  And I am happy to report back to you with great news.

I am finally a size medium. for real!photo (2)

Here I am, in the dressing room, trying on Medium sized shorts and top.  I was so happy and amazed that I immediately started to cry the happiest of tears and then took a picture! This is a pretty huge milestone for me. And I think back to when I started, and I am really impressed with myself for sticking out this long.  Now, I need to follow this up with the obligatory… I still have work ahead of me.

Am I happy with how I look? HELL YES! For the first time in years, I can say that with full confidence. The main goal I had when I started this journey was to get my confidence back!  Here it is.

And here is a picture of the transformation thus far…


photo (1)

I have the Keto diet, my supportive friends here, and the C25k app to thank for the progress, AND my determination to not give up. There were many moments of weakness along the way, and lots of stalls but that’s okay… that’s called life.

I have transitioned some in my diet from keto to paleo, I guess??. Still keeping it high fat and low carb, I allowed oats into my life and my current carb intake is less than 100g a day and keeping my calorie count in check.

I have started a new workout routine.  I am on week 3 of it, actually.  I have started lifting weights at the gym! This means I am no longer stepping on the scale, and I am keeping progress documented by measurements, how I feel, and by pictures. The scale was driving me crazy. It became a game of numbers instead of being healthy, making right choices and determining how I was feeling on a daily basis. The scale served its purpose in the beginning of my journey, and it kept me going on the right track.

I have lots of time on my hands now that school fell through. I have until December to really step up my game in the gym and working out.  It has helped me so much with how I feel on a chemical level, feeling great 🙂

I hope you are all doing well!