Back to Keto – Changing the plans again! Week 16


I just completed Week 9, Day  1 of the C25k.!  Only two more days of the app to go until I run 3 miles! =D I can’t believe I made it here. Looking back, I was huffing and puffing and cursing my lungs, and my excess fat. I just ran for 30 minutes without stopping!  I am proud of myself tonight.

Last post, I said I was jumping off of the keto-wagon, but as it turns out, my hives are still present even with more carbs in my diet. So, I have made the decision that I am going back to keto, but I am going to eat many more veggies, and cut down on the dairy. We’ll see how it goes. The fact is, I need to get back to keto, I need the familiarity of it. When I tried to eat noodles, I felt like I was teetering on the edge of a cliff, about to fall head first into a carb binge. Its easier to do than I thought, and thinking of gaining a bunch of weight back because of something stupid like that terrifies me!

In other great news, I might be starting school in August! Friday, the admissions department called me and told me I passed my exams with flying colors, and have enough points to secure an interview with the director of the program. I am so anxious. In order to ease my nerves about it all, I thought some retail therapy would do me some good. So, today, I went to Old Navy and bought a cute dress for the interview, I fit into a Medium size!!! Best believe I bought it, and I am going to ROCK that size medium dress 🙂 My next hurdle is the interview.

In the meantime, I am going to keep on keto’ing on, continue running and going to the gym.  my future is starting to take shape! I am feeling proud and hopeful. NEVER GIVING UP!!


– Shana


4 thoughts on “Back to Keto – Changing the plans again! Week 16

  1. Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough energy when running while on keto? I’ve been back on keto for a little over 2 weeks now and I feel like my running has suffered a bit. Any good ideas for what to eat pre- or post- run?

    • hey kelly,
      Have you been running since you started keto or did you take a two week break? I noticed for me, that when I was having issues with my energy ( either sleepless nights, or lethargy during the day) that something was off… after consulting the web and keto forums I decided to take supplements for my electrolytes. And it has really helped! I take magnesium citrate at night before bed, and use Nu-salt (salt substitute) for potassium supplementation during the day. As far as what to eat for fuel…
      I go on my runs at night about 2 hours after dinner, So, in my mind, I have all that yummy dinner acting as energy. When i get home its all about water, almonds and a cheese stick. Let me know what you do and if it helps! 🙂

      • Yeah I was running before starting back up on keto and have been keeping with it and have just noticed that my endurance on runs has been dwindling.

        It’s funny, I have magnesium & potassium supplements from last time I did keto (I took way too long of a break and gained back all the weight 😦 ) so I will start using those again. Thanks for the tips!

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