Welcome Change – Week 14, Day 6


This word carries with it a multitude of feelings, doesn’t it? Good, bad, sad, happy…  all-encompassing. Thinking back to my past nearly all changes that terrified me in the beginning turned out to be great opportunities to learn new things and grow as a person and this gives me some comfort.


Four months ago, I embarked on a journey to change my diet, with the intent on changing my body into a more healthy version. In the process I have changed my attitude, self-esteem, lost weight , basically, I have changed my life for the better 🙂 and this gives me the motivation to keep reaching my goals. I am a little over halfway there when it comes to my weight, which is awesome. I have created a delicious arsenal of my favorite keto recipes, and have learned how to read/change my macros like a champ. It is safe to say I am one satisfied lady when it comes to the keto diet, which is why it REALLY bugs me that I have to change my diet…

When I started keto 4 months ago, I had developed hives, nothing too severe, I attributed it to hormones and stress at the time and they never really went away. I would always be itchy at some point during the day and I was never without one part of my skin being red, bumpy and itchy. Rewind to 3 weeks ago when I was in Wyoming, when I kicked myself out of keto… The hives disappeared.  (I knew deep down that keto was the cause, but I was in denial. Why? Well, it’s because keto was working so fantastically to help me lose weight, I really didn’t care that I was broken out in hives! The diet worked!) When I got home, I got back on the wagon, and started eating according to plan, and as soon as I was back into keto ( the very moment ) My body was on fire with hives. The worst I have seen to date. It was at that moment, I realized that I really need to change things.

change (1)

Here is what I will not do : Go back to eating the SAD (standard american diet) Diet again. My mood, my mental health, my body have all improved since I ditched that crazy mess.

Here is what I am thinking I will do to change things :  Introduce more fruits and veggies into my diet. Nothing overboard, I am not going to binge on apples and carrots, but I am not going to shun them anymore. Thinking of slowly boosting my carb numbers and find a happy place for my body because less than 30g a day was obviously not working for me.

This means, that I am no longer going to be eating keto, which means, I will have to change my blog name. This also means that everyone that started reading this blog because of keto, we will no longer share our diets together, and this makes me sad. I think its great how the diet brings people together that want to share experiences/food/thoughts together! I am really going to miss being able to share on the forums and reddit daily.

I need to come up with a new blog name now. And I don’t know what… I welcome any input 😛

I go into school Monday (had to postpone it). I have been studying up on math so that I can ace that exam. 🙂 This is going to be another HUGE change in my life. Ahh! I am nervous and excited and I am going to give it 100% of my heart and passion.

IN other non-change related news, I haven’t stepped on the scale this week, because I am scared of what the number will say.. I want the number to be lower than last time!!!! But I know deep down that it probably hasn’t moved or that its gone up a few pounds. And now that keto is going to be out of the picture, I worry that the scale will be wonky for a little while.



I hope you are having a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Welcome Change – Week 14, Day 6

  1. I don’t think that you’ll lose followers. People may have found you because of keto, but maybe keto isn’t working for them either. You can provide an alternative for them. I know that I’ve spoken of lifestyle changes to improve my health, but if something else works better for me, I’d be crazy not to try it. It’s my long winded way of saying that I’ll still be following your blog regardless of diet or name. 🙂

    • I am so happy to hear that! Wanna know something funny? I upped my carbs to about 100g a day (still avoiding sugar like the plague), and the keto sticks say I still have ketones present, moderate amounts even. I think staying active is probably the key? The body is a funny thing 🙂 It’s all a learning process.

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