Finally, after 3 long weeks, I am back home and back to my life.

It was great seeing family, but I am so happy to be back.

Sadly, I wasn’t as strict with my working out as I had hoped, but to be honest, I kinda knew it wasn’t going to happen. Jogging in unknown areas seems dangerous to me plus I was supposed to be on vacation!!! So, there was no working out, but I did think about it everyday!

My diet was doing great until I got to Wyoming. It would have been fine, but it turned out my trip to Wyoming was one where I was doing physical labor for 8+ hours during the day, I was famished and exhausted that entire time, so, I ended up kicking myself out of Keto.  *sigh*  I know, I know, I was 12 weeks into my diet, doing well, and sticking to the plan!  I am not that upset by it, I mean, it is a slight bummer, BUT…..

I weighed myself when I got home and I didn’t gain a single pound in three weeks, I stayed the same weight. I call that a success, I was almost certain that I was going to come home 10 pounds heavier, but that was not the case at all.  I guess tearing up a basement, pulling out old nasty carpet and de-cluttering 30 years worth of junk in the span of 5 days helped keep the weight gain away.

When I got home, I met up with my friends and I ended up really making sure I was kicked out of Keto by eating 3 pieces of chocolate cake and having pina coladas all night. NO REGRETS!

It’s all back to plan now, I am working on getting back into Keto, and I am vowing to get to the gym tomorrow morning! Moving on towards my fitness goals!  (It will be interesting to see how much 3 weeks of not working out will tire me out tomorrow) haha!

Happy to be home, to be writing again, and sharing my daily struggles, and triumphs. =D

Hope you all have been well




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