I don’t understand my wonky body these days. I stepped on the scale to find that I had lost half a pound since yesterday, and I wasn’t even kicked out of keto. Seriously?!  At least I know now that it is going to take quite a bit of carbs to push me out of keto. Sugar is still something that I will not take my chances with.  I was under the impression that the tiniest mouthful of anything forbidden was going to be the undoing of ketosis. And the prospect of having to go thru the keto-flu again is enough to make me freak out if I have an off-plan day.

I am learning to ease up and not freak out so easily, I am a taking a vow to keep my alcohol consumption to ONE DAY a week, if at all.

So, today didn’t suck as bad as I thought. I didn’t fall completely off the wagon, but got scared enough to behave. I also learned that having a small break from the rigorous meal plan I follow, won’t kill me, make me gain 20 lbs overnight, or undo my hard work.

Tomorrow morning at 530am will be my next C25K week. I am up to running for 25 minutes! The thought of it makes me a little anxious to be honest. Every time I reach a new week on that darn app I get anxious, I wonder at what point it will be like ” meh, no big deal.”? Maybe after the app is finished, I’m not sure. So i have some anxiety about the run, I am not quite sure why, I know I will make it just fine, AND I will be able to see the sunrise in the morning. Sounds like a good start to the day tomorrow.

Keep Calm Keto On

– Shana


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