Things just got interesting (Week 9, Day 3)


It used to be that I could maintain my keto eating separately from my family. But, now that I am jobless, this changes things in a big way. Now, I have to feed myself on keto and keep 4 other bellies full on 120$ a week. This brings a whole new challenge into my life! Before I had financial wiggle room and could spread my wings and buy all sorts of keto-centric things, Not anymore! Luckily, I have all my staples pretty well stocked and that’s where the majority of the expense is. I am slightly stressed about this, but like being on a diet and a workout schedule. This will be a challenge I will face head on. I am not about to let all the hard work I have put into this (9 weeks, 3 days) go to waste and go back to the old way of eating. I just flat-out refuse! This might mean, however, that I have to change HOW I keto… Frozen veggies, cheap cuts of meat. Which ( if I was smart), I would have been doing all along. leave ti to me, to stress out about things like this AFTER the fact. After I quit working, after I blow all my money at the grocery store without planning ahead. *sigh* This is how I learn though, by fucking up and finding out how to fix it. So, I guess, it’s an ass-backwards positive thing.

The new challenges I face make the whole initial premise of this blog seem like mere child’s play. Now, instead of focusing my efforts on just my will-power and determination, I have to make room for the menu-planning, sale-searching, deal-finding side of things. UGH. Boooooooo! Reminds me of those terrible reality shows of obsessive coupon clippers. I refuse to go that route.

In light of everything going on in life, I got to catch up with a dear friend over couple cups of coffee and catch up on things, it was nice! Afterwards with my newly found caffeine buzz, I felt like going to the gym! And found my other buddy there. haha!
I ended up doing 35 minutes of cardio, and lifted weights. How much can Shana lift?? a whopping 5 lbs per arm. I know, I know… curb your enthusiasm. When lifting with both arms I can lift… *drum roll please* 10lbs! hahah! But I’m not worried, today was the first day I even tried to lift. I plan on working on arms at least 2x a week. Strength and Toning and whatnot. Baby steps.

Time for me to inventory my pantry and fridge, and then clean. At least I started the day doing fun stuff. 🙂

See ya tomorrow!

– Shana


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