Monday! Week 7, Day 1




Oh. My. Holy. Hamstrings! I am on week 4, day 2 of my c25k app. Tonight, I had several factors playing with my mind. Firstly, the temp, it was 90 degrees outside tonight. Which actually wasn’t that big of a deal because there was a breeze. My water intake today was not enough. I am in the middle of reading a really great book that I am having a hard time putting down (burning eyes all day, seriously). Regardless of all the excuses J found myself coming up with. I used the fact that I was actually coming up with that many excuses to get off my ass and just go run. I didn’t listen to music… This made things more difficult. I am never doing that again. plus, I couldn’t sing! There were zero distractions from what I was doing. I am happy that I went though, I ran off that mug cake that I ate after dinner! 🙂

8 more days of work! Then, I’m free as bird!


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