Week 6, Day 7 – Motivation despite the B.S


That picture above is the wallpaper for my phone. Whenever I look down at my phone, I see it and feel a surge of empowerment. Not just with Keto, but with life itself. My inner bad-ass is emerging. I am no longer a pushover, or a someone that shies away from making my feelings and desires known. WE only have this one itsy-tiny bit of time on this planet to make our lives into something awesome that we can feel a sense of pride about.


Make your optimism come true! Think of this for a moment. It’s so simple it can be mind-blowing. Our attitudes are 90% of the battle. I have found this to be true with everything I have been trying to accomplish this past month.

This morning, I woke up feeling kinda crappy. This weekend has totally kicked my emotion’s ass. Why? Well, nothing has been going as I had planned. My photographer had to postpone to today, shark week arrived, my eyes are PUFFY this morning (probably from the crying and then the antidotal margarita), plus I have to paint my nails, get the girl’s hair done, do my makeup which is going to be a monumental task because of the puffy eyes. Get this family of five looking SHARP by 5pm so we can all be stunning in photos. It’s enough to make my head spin.

Instead of having a spinning head, I am going to employ some meditation this morning, form a list, and tackle one task at a time. Hopefully, my puffy eyes will diminish as the day progresses?? I hope they do! Please god, and if there happens to be a patron saint of puffy eyes, HELP ME!

I refused to step on the scale this morning, today is not the day for that. However, I will make good choices with my food, that I can be sure of.

So, despite all the bullshit, I am motivated. Motivated to tackle this day with passion, purpose, and happiness. It will be a great day. I just need to keep my attitude in check. Maybe I should go on a run.

I hope you all have had a great weekend. Make your Sunday a kick-ass one! See you soon.

Update : I went on a run. Ran more than I walked, and it kicked my ass. But at least it stopped my crappy mood.



3 thoughts on “Week 6, Day 7 – Motivation despite the B.S

    • Thank you!! And that is good to know about the dairy, I’m pretty sure the puff was a compounded effect of allergies, crying and water retention from girl issues. I will keep my eyes open to the possibility of dairy being a culprit though. Thank you for your input! 🙂

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