Week 6, Day 5 – Plateau Bust!

   I woke up this morning with little faith that I had lost any weight since yesterday. Why? Oh, my usual excuse… Margaritas. I didn’t over do it last night, even if it was a 32oz. Margarita. I just had one. :).  I woke up, did my (what’s becoming weekly) “pray and pee” hoping my colors show ketosis. And they did. 


  I decided at that point, why not step on the scale? 



I had had to rub my eyes… I was certain that I am seeing things! So, I stepped off the scale and got back on. It wasn’t lying to me! You know what those numbers mean???? I don’t care it’s it’s just a half a pound.. Those numbers mean I busted through my plateau and lost all that Mother’s Day weight! Hell yeah!   

   I have said it numerous times, but sometimes this doesn’t even feel like a diet. I get to eat the yummiest foods. I never feel deprived. Yesterday, I made ragu sauce that slowly cooked on the stovetop all day. Oh god, was it good! And instead of pasta, I made “noodles” out of zuchini! It was pretty damn good.  It’s really not about the noodles when you make a sauce like yesterday’s. 

   Life happened last night and I couldn’t get my run in. I will try again tomorrow.  Not beating myself up about it. The scale doesn’t lie, and I’m a happy girl today!!

Have a beautiful day! See you later!




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