I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am losing the weight I gained from my cheat day, finally. One pound to go before its like Sunday never even happened. Hopefully, the pounds will continue to drop. Maybe that cheat day is what my metabolism needed to get kick-started again. This cheat of mine last Sunday has played with my mind more than my body. I am grateful for the lessons I am learning. Also grateful for gaining insight on my own self-discipline, determination, and motivations. This past month has taught me a lot.

It’s a bit like climbing up the stairs, if you lose your footing and fall forward, you don’t fall down the entire flight of stairs (hopefully). Instead, you get back up and continue to climb the damn stairs until you get to where you were going. The goal is to make it up the stairs with as little bumps and bruises as possible. And you certainly don’t need to make your bumps and bruises worse by beating yourself up for falling down.


I am not going to give up OR quit. I am looking forward to staying on the road towards success and achieving my goals. NO ONE will ever bring me down or lessen my inner light. I am going to shine on, bitches! 🙂 😛


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