Mother’s Day…. To cheat!!!

  imageThey call it cheating for a reason, the way I understand it now is because of the guilty feelings I had the next day.  I cheated while drunk on vodka tonics, too. Sushi, pizza, garlic bread, flaming hot Cheetos, I cheated on my diet with all those things in one day!

Which made the shame so much worse! It was like a one night stand with that poorly kept guy from the bar, that had the worlds dirtiest apartment. I could only hope and pray I didn’t catch ringworm from his sheets that were about to walk off his bed.
This is exactly the same feeling I had when I realized, I had just blown my cheat day on a frozen pizza, garlic bread and too much vodka… I could have done such a better job at misbehaving! I could have had a greasy pizza or a double bacon cheeseburger, but no… I had to get drunk and make a poor choice. *sigh*

The worst part of this cheat was the feeling of regret the next morning. The good news, I didn’t get kicked out of keto. Sure, I probably delayed things a bit. Oh well.

I did learn another valuable lesson. If you are going to cheat (on your diet) Make it worth every effing bite of whatever forbidden thing you are eating and have no regrets. Also,

Don’t Cheat!

I was a good girl today, keeping calm and keto’ing on!


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