W5,D5 – like a virgin

Foodgasm. That’s what I just had.

Let me give you some back-story. I have been doing the keto thing for 5 weeks, 5 days. In that time, I haven’t cheated at all, I have shied away from all pasteries, sugar, cakes, cookies, you name it.  

The worst cravings I have ever had just swept over me for the past 2 hours. It was intense and crazy. It covered all forbidden things, including beer, Doritos, hot Cheetos, and chocolate cake. I laid in bed trying to make them stop. ( I think me being so close to shark-week is the culprit here), Finally, out of desperation I took to the Internet… Sure, there are tons of yummy looking things that I can make and can eat, but they all took way too long. I needed something NOW!

Here it is. (Forgive the poor lighting, please)

What you see here is a mug cake! ( I added a tad more sweetener until the batter was approved by my taste buds). A super-fast and easy, and Oh.my.god delicious creation. I am happy I waited so long to try something so sinful tasting. How is this thing I’m on even called a diet?!?? I haven’t eaten this delicious of food since I lived with my parents. AND losing weight?!? Seems too good to be true sometimes and then I sit back and SMILE because it’s really real. This weekend I will be trying out other delicious recipes and if any make my eyes roll back and my toes curl, you can be sure I will share it.

Here is the recipe for this chocolate mug cake . Which I might add tastes amazing with some whipped topping. I can’t even imagine how good this would be with sugar free vanilla ice cream!


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