I woke up late this morning, partly because I had a late night of thinking too much. And not even about anything relevant to life, or even real! Just fictional circumstances where I could possibly find myself in life and going over how I would handle them. Then, after I was done thinking of these ridiculous things, I would become aggravated at my brain! “STFU brain, I need to sleep!!”
Waking up to the sound of my daughters alarm, I knew I only had precious minutes to prepare. The blog got pushed aside.

Is it true that doing cardio and running actually prolongs weight loss? I read that today, somewhere online. I know, I know… You can’t believe everything you read. But if someone out there reads this, and knows the answer, would you please tell me? I really want to know!
I am 2 pounds away From losing 20 pounds! I know I can’t celebrate yet. I still have 2 pounds to go, but, knowing that I have come this far already made me cry! I am so proud of myself and happy! All on my own, on my own steam and to the beat of my own drum I keep moving forward.

I appreciate all the encouraging words I have been receiving! It is very validating!:) thanks for being here with me!


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