Week 5, Day 3 – The Close Call

Last night, after the gym and my delicious soup, ( Here’s the soup )

Jalapeno Popper Soup YUMMMM

Jalapeno Popper Soup

I found myself in a situation where margaritas were involved. Not a bad situation at all if you ask me! I have found a zero carb, zero sugar margarita mix. It’s a Jose Cuervo mix that you can find in any grocery store, just add tequila. Anyways, I had this brilliant idea of adding triple sec to the mix, after a quick google search on triple sec, that I didn’t even do myself. It tasted so much more amazing (it was at that point, I knew something was about to be too good to be true) than I thought it would. While I had my doubts about things, I still drank it. I went back for another one, and shortly after finishing that one I knew it was time to stop. After I couple of hours passed, I knew the moment of truth waited for me in the restroom. I whipped out a keto stick, pee’d on it and . OMG Light pink?! LIGHT PINK?!?! I haven’t had a light pink reading since I started keto! I am always a purple color on that damn little stick. I ALMOST kicked myself out of keto over triple sec?!?! Today, I am back to purple, so in reality there was no harm done. I have also been made aware, that this is all a learning process! And that is a positive, great thing. On top of everything else, I am learning.

Feels good!

Here is a link to the soup recipe. This woman’s blog is seriously a great resource for recipes and keto in general. love love love it!

In other news, I stepped on the scale this morning and I am at 167!!! HELLL YEAH!!! Yeah I know, the weekly weigh ins thing… but whatever =D 167! Tonight is the run! the 3 minute interval one (week 3 day 1). Oye vey. I’m gonna do it though! No matter what!

have a beautiful day! See you tomorrow!



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