Week 5! or Month 2! – I’m Doing it!!!

Happy May 5th! I am starting out this new month on keto weighing in at 169 lbs! When I began my journey I was at 184 lbs. That means I have lost a grand total of 15 pounds in one month! Yay!

I have been somewhat absent this past week, from my mouth being in terrible pain, and then to recovering and relaxing for a week, blogging just didn’t make it on the list of things I must do in a day. But the good news is, I DID NOT CHEAT. I had my moments of temptation, my 2 hardest moments were when the family was eating chips and salsa. Pre-Keto that was my snack of choice. And then when they had taco bell ( Taco Bell was my fast food restaurant of choice Pre-Keto). But I made it through. I know deep down that all of these “tiny victories” are actually building up to something greater and that I am slowly accomplishing my goal of self-discipline and determination.

Because of my lax behavior this past week, I have lost weight at a slower pace. This week that all changes, I am back to my MFP app, and getting back to the gym and running. Tonight is the night for running. Its been a week and a half, so I KNOW my ass is going to be kicked (which is truly a good thing). This also means that my blog will be written in on a daily basis again.

Cheers to a new week, to a new month, and to all the great things that will come! Have a fabulous day! I will be back tomorrow! 🙂


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