Week 4, Day 4 – The most amazing dinner

Since I have taken this week off, I have been able to rest, de-stress, and spend more time in the kitchen developing recipes. Yesterday, was hands down the most amazing dinner I have made on this “diet”.

(stepped on the scale this morning 169 pounds!)

I should first mention that I made the most delicious alfredo sauce I have ever tasted.  On top of chicken and zucchini ( omg, so freakin’ good)


I used almond flour, grated cheese, parsley, salt, pepper and garlic to make the breadcrumbs.


I tried to get a good pic of the alfredo sauce but was unsuccessful.

I don’t know about everyone else, but when I have leftover breadcrumbs and eggs, I mix them together to make a pancake-like pan-fried bread, My  late-grandmother used to make them for me, she called them “egg-cheese-n-bread”. They are what bring me back to my childhood, and the almond flour did not disappoint me. Flavorful, light and fluffy.. I present to you, ” Keto Egg-cheese-n-bread”  Thanks for the inspiration grandma! Miss you!




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