WEEK 4, DAY 2!! – The root canal.

Its week 4 already! To be honest, it really feels like week for, but only because I am super impatient. I haven’t stepped on the scale since Friday because I have been in so much pain from my mouth that I haven’t left bed much at all. I Found a new dentist to go to and yesterday he set me up with one of his specialist friends and got me in for a root canal!I have never been so excited in my life to get dental work done, but when your mouth is is excruciating pain, it’s actually an attractive option.

IN keto news, I haven’t cheated! The temptations have been great, and there have been many of them, but my resolve cannot be broken. I am on a mission. It feels like its going slow, which makes it difficult not to be discouraged some times, the key is… STICK WITH IT.

I took a week off of work for a mini stay-cation at home! heaven!

Back to the gym tonight. my mouth is feeling better, so I am going to be getting back to work 😉

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.


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