Week 3, Day 5 – Donuts and Poltergeists

I was going to just start talking about how I ate a buttermilk donut covered in a sugary glaze… but that would be misleading. I dreamt that I ate a donut.

I ate that donut with a fevered passion. It was  I felt so damn guilty after I ate it, that I tried to puke it up. But being that I was sleeping, I had no luck. THANK GOD! I have decided that I don’t mind dreaming of eating forbidden things, as long as I don’t feel guilt about it. It’s not my fault that I dream the things I dream. The crazy part of that dream is that it felt so real, I could taste it and I could feel the donut in my mouth ( I will have to make sure I wasn’t trying to eat my pillow, now that I think about it). It was so realistic, that I didn’t realize I was dreaming until my second dream kicked in.

I was at my parents house with my friend (my parents house is always the location for these paranormal types of dreams).  We were in a guest room in their house, sitting on the bed when all of a sudden a books started falling out of the bookcase and one came flying across the room above our heads. I was so terrified that I started praying the rosary.  That’s when I woke up.

Happy to be awake this morning, I pee’d on a Keto stick, just in case I did eat a donut in my sleep, and it’s confirmed that I didn’t! Still deep into ketosis. Also, happy that I’m not being haunted by poltergeist.

I stepped on the scale and I am 171 pounds!

The weight is slowly coming off, and while I am not entirely excited that the process is going slowly, I am happy that progress is being made. I won’t stop! I am going to keep going!




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