Week 3, Day 4 – Keto pizza

This was seriously delicious.

This was seriously delicious.

I made this amazing pizza this morning. There were a few hiccups with the dough, however. First things first… here is the recipe.

Since I did have the cream cheese, I thought I could substitute with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The taste was amazing, but the dough consistency was all wrong. Next time, I will go strictly by the recipe.

Also, another pointer, USE A NON-STICK PAN!!! I cannot stress this enough. I used an old non-stick pan that has lost its non-sticking abilities, and the result was cheese scramble that I was able to piece back together, somewhat.

Overall, the taste was great. There was lots of cheese, which made it easy to keep the portions small. Very filling. OMG CHEESE!!!

I went to the dentist today, and they don’t know whats wrong with my mouth … so there’s that. Major Bummer, tooth pain, have to go to a specialist. I get to take antibiotics and some pain meds till the antibiotics hopefully take care of the pain.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in! And I am skipping my run tonight, Not feeling well. Aiming for tomorrow!!

HOpe you all had a lovely day!! Updates to come tomorrow!



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