Week 3, Day 3 – I should learn patience…

Who was I kidding, thinking I could stay away from the scale for a week at a time? It’s a very good thought, but I broke down and ended up stepping on it this morning.

The results? 172.5

10 pounds have left my life. I wish it was a bit more rapid than that, but progress is progress! I still fully intend to share my results on friday!

I ran last night. Only felt like giving up once, and that was my own fault for thinking I had what it took to sprint instead of just jog, yep, that nearly killed me especially since I did it in the beginning of a 1.5 min jog. That meant I had to continue jogging after my sprint. UGH. Not my brightest idea ever. I kept jogging albeit a slow and pathetic jog. I guess the point is, I didn’t throw in the towel. I kept going.

Tonight, it’s the gym again! I am looking forward to that.

I also have a terrible toothache, set up an appointment for Monday. When I get them, my disposition changes to a rather nasty one. šŸ˜¦ I hope I can stave it off with leftover antibiotics, ibuprofen and rest. 5 days!! šŸ˜¦ such a long time to suffer with a throbbing mouth. Oh well.

Have a great day!!

Update 8:07pm – Oh, thank heavens. I have an appointment tomorrow at 2 instead of waiting 5 days. I am pretty sure my family would smother me in my sleep if I was tooth-ache bitchy for five days. I wouldn’t blame them! Now, I have relief coming my way ( I hope ). I haven’t been able to eat dinner tonight. I’m very sad. Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. First time ever I have ever looked forward to going to the dentist.


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