Week 2, Day 7-



Happy Easter!

this morning I woke up bright and early to complete week 2, day one of the c25k app. And I would be lying if I said thoughts of quitting didn’t pass through my mind twice 😉 But I didn’t stop! I am loving the new Lady GaGa album to run to, I am singing for 2 miles straight =D except for when I get too winded to do so. Which happened a couple of times this time. Maybe in between my run days I will hit the gym to do the elliptical. Not sure about it still.

I haven’t been stepping on the scale this weekend, and I don’t plan to until friday! I will be more focused on using my MFP app this week. Yesterday, I completely forgot to fill it in. No worries, I didn’t cheat! Three weeks into this gives me such a great feeling.
I am going to make another batch of soap tomorrow! I will post pics of all my handcrafted soaps in a few days. I finally used my ” dog bar ” on my dogs this morning, and They smell great, its nice to use my brand of things and see how much better it is than store-bought stuff.
I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend! Have an awesome Easter.



2 thoughts on “Week 2, Day 7-

  1. Lady Gaga is my favorite to run to as well. I mix in some Rihanna “NaNaNaNaNa Come On!” When I hear that it boosts my resolve to keep going. Another favorite is Kelly Clarksons “What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER!!” I’m getting ready for a 5k as well. I did couch to 5k last spring but gave up running this past winter after finishing it. Now I’m starting from scratch again. Good luck to you. Your blog is awesome.

    • Thank you! I love your song choices, I might have to give them a try tonight.
      If you ever need a MFP buddy, my username is shana7999. Good job at running, sister! Good luck to the both of us!:)

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