Week 2, Day 5 – The girl that sings while she runs.

I have a bit of an embarrassing story, lately, I have been singing as I run. Which really is no big deal as long as there are no people around me. It’s fun and makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable for me. Everything was going great until I see a elderly couple walking on the other side of the street ( I didn’t see them there! its like they came out of nowhere), they were staring at me run by like I was fresh out of the looney bin. Oh well. You know, I think I’m going to keep singing. IDGAF what people think. Let them stare, enjoy the free entertainment!

SO yes, this means I was good to my word, I ran the last day of week one on my c25k app, I did my abs and butt app at home when I got back. I rocked it! Progress, people! Its happening.

I also weighed myself in this morning and I came in at 174.5 lbs. Do you even know how fucking happy I am? I have successfully shed 9.5 pounds in two weeks and 5 days. When I put it that way it doesn’t seem all that impressive, but I have been literally working my ass off. I am so proud of myself.

Yesterday I cut down my bulletproof coffee to one a day, and black throughout the rest of the day. Also, used MFP app to count my calories. I am on the right track and KETO is working!

I found this on facebook this morning and thought it was totally fitting that it be included in my post today.

dalai lama


The beautiful thing about this truth is that its applicable to everything that we do.

I needed this quote today, my work load today is HUGE. 8 kids, that’s right, EIGHT! I have things planned so that I am not ripping my hair out. An Easter craft, and a picnic at the park should do the trick. I am going to have this quote ready to whip out at a moments notice.

Lets GET IT DONE!! Have an awesome day!


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