Week 2, Day 3 – The pep talk and the amazing 10 minute chili.

       Last night, I finished my second run on week one on the c25k app. My legs got through it just fine, it was my breathing that was getting the best of me. I tried to take deep breaths , tried timing my breaths, no luck in alleviating the feeling that I was going to drop dead of a heart attack, Okay, so it really wasn’t THAT bad, of course its going to be a struggle in the beginning, and a bit of hard work…its not like I’m a small woman, I have some weight to WORK off. Naturally, its going to be work, hard work even. Its going to take dedication, fortitude and above all… patience. That last one is the kicker for me.  I have never been a very patient person, in fact up until two weeks ago, I was a bit of a hedonist. If it felt good, I did it. I saw no point in hard work, because I was living in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, living in the moment is great in some aspects of life, but to get anywhere, it takes planning, and hard work.  Maybe, I am going to learn a lot more and become a better, more patient person when its all said and done. There is NO speeding up this process, as much as I want to! I wish everyday that I had some sort of device that sped up time… but then I realize its not about the destination, is it?  Its about the lessons we learn along the way.

In order to achieve what I want ( a healthy, strong, sexy body) I need to learn that it doesn’t come easy, it takes qualities like patience, and dedication… things that I always have shied away from in life because they were hard. This is the first time I am actually acknowledging the fact I have never really been good at any of these qualities, and this is the first time I am working on them. I know there will be days when I don’t want to do it… that’s when I have to reread my self-pep talks.

     Enough pep talks for now, lets recap on yesterday…

   Last night, I made a chili tater-tot casserole for the family, and I sectioned off some ground turkey for myself and made some keto-friendly chili for myself. I got the recipe from here.


It was Delicious! So satisfying, especially with a handful of cheddar cheese and sour cream, OMG.

I was a bit worried at first because the sugar content on the bottle of salsa said 2 grams of sugar per serving.  But being that I had already made the chili, and I was starving I ate it anyways… OH, was I worried that I would kick myself out of ketosis! But great news, it didn’t! Still, I think I am going to avoid all sugar content until I reach the 1 or 2 month mark. I don’t need a sneaky ingredient to throw me off course.

  In other news, I have been avoiding my friend that likes to goof my process up. She doesn’t seem all that supportive or even happy for me that I am taking my life by the horns and that I am welcoming change and working towards something. The dynamic in our friendship has certainly changed, and that’s okay. But I certainly don’t need that kind of presence around me, especially while I am working hard at something. Ya know? if its not supportive or positive .. get it away from me. 

Updates to come later! I am going on another run tonight and will be doing the abs app and the butt app later. I smile at the thought of how sore I’m going to be! 🙂


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