Week 2, Day 2 – The Tuesday that feels like Monday

Changing my mood with inspirational quotes, its working!

Changing my mood with inspirational quotes, its working!

” Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy

Any other day or time of the year, that quote would sound slightly stupid and un-relatable to my life. However, since I am in week two of my life change, and have a new found energy this week, that quote couldn’t be any more true! Yesterday, I went on a cleaning frenzy, which is a rare thing for me, typically, I wait until I cannot ignore the messy around me, and then I clean it. Now, I feel motivated, and I need to capitalize on that. For the first time in a year, I feel motivated to run, to eat right, to MOVE MY BODY and live!  my body is not where I want it to be right now, and its frustrating, but I know that if I stick to it, and dedicate myself to change, that it WILL CHANGE. I must believe it and keep going, and don’t stop!

This morning I stepped on the scale again, 176. Same as yesterday, did a keto stick and saw that I am fully into ketosis now. and a bit of TMI… I have diarrhea today. ( HEY! I said I was going to document the entire process, okay???) I am keeping on top of drinking my water today to keep myself hydrated.  I did a brief google search and it mentioned too much protein and not enough fat, so I will keep that in mind an tweak things a bit. The number on the scale bummed me out a bit today, I was getting used to dropping a pound a day!   I just need to trust the process, and stop letting myself get deflated by the scale. I also am considering weekly weigh ins now, every Friday, instead of daily. At least, record the numbers on Friday and not stress so much on the day to day aspect of my weight. That’s really not what I am doing is all about anyway, and its easy to get trapped if everything revolved around the scale. Its about changing my life, changing how I eat, finding joy in change and not being so afraid of it or making excuses not to change. This morning has kind of caused me to be upset today, something completely unrelated to keto and to my goals. I was thwarted into work 2 hours early this morning. The doorbell rang as I was in the shower… SUCKS! I didn’t get my morning of getting to appreciate my bulletproof coffee, or to sit down and blog, I feel kind of robbed out of time that is necessary for me to function properly. Oh well!! Adapt accordingly I suppose, but it has really made me super grouchy this morning. The question is, how do I change a bad mood? I guess I can take all the kids to the park. ( I am a nanny/babysitter for two families.)  I guess the point of what I am trying to say is, not matter how good some things go, there will be things that deflate us… but we must carry on and keep moving.

 After my run yesterday, I did an ab workout app. and then went on a nightly walk for 2 miles. I’m not joking about feeling motivated to MOVE MY BODY, I plan on at least walking again tonight, if not run again. My muscles are not as sore as I expected them to be, which is good. I’m contemplating going back to the gym again and using the machines, why not? I already have my membership. It almost feels like I would be putting to much stuff on my plate… or is that an excuse? I don’t know how to feel about the gym. I will sit with it for a while and see if I decide to make it a part of my life soon.

Update 3:12pm : Not that sore? Not that sore?! Every time I move, I feel some soreness in my legs and abs. I don’t know why it just decided to show up later on in the day… so weird. I like that little bit of sore feeling. Means its working 🙂


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