Day 6 – the reward and the temptation

Its day 6. In order to celebrate my weeklong dedication, I rewarded myself with a manicure and pedicure. I thought it was smarter than a rewarding with food. which is just a bad idea… it reinforces lots of negative things for me. Such as, looking to food for comfort or grabbing a pint of ice cream when you have had a rough day. Bad ideas.  I am happy with how my nails turned out and I am even  happier that this has been a successful week of keto and weight loss. This is going to give me the needed boost and running start for next week!

Today was not without its challenges. After my manicure and pedicure I had to go to the grocery store, at lunch time.  UGH. It seems like everywhere I turned there was something that looked utterly delicious that I could not eat.  I have learned,  never leave my house without a keto friendly snack.  The temptation today was intense. I hope it doesn’t get much worse than that!!!

I have decided to skip weighing myself until tomorrow or Monday. I will still maintain my good choices, I promise!


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