Day 5

These fluffy little morsels sent me to heaven and back this morning!

These fluffy little morsels sent me to heaven and back this morning!

weigh in 178.5

I am down another pound since yesterday! I made the cardinal error of getting back on the scale this morning, after I had gotten showered and dressed. This brought the number up half a pound to 179 and that was deflating. I will never do that again. The weigh in’s from now on will be right when I wake up, after I go pee. and not again until the next day.  This morning, since I am out of the breakfast casserole, I will be making the pancakes! as well as some bacon, and eggs for my family. Its going to be delicious.

I still need to be mindfull of my portions, because its easy to stuff my face and abandon all self control. I think that’s partly my goal with keto is to practice discipline and self-control, 2 things I have never been very good at.

I found a way to make sure I drink my water, a reward system. If I drink one 24 ounce glass of water, then I get to drink my coffee in the morning. And since coffee is somewhat of a necessity for me, I have no problems sucking down a gigantic glass of water. Worth it!

Update 4:24pm :     I purchased fast food for my family today. I managed to hold strong and not cave in and take a bite of any of it. I was totally making love to their food with my eyes though. Oh yes I was. Instead, I had a chicken breast with sliced avocado on top, and finished off in an amazing sugar free French dressing. It was delicious and by the end of it, I was happy I made the right choice.

Looking forward to the scale in the morning!!!



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