Day 4

my daily coffee : made with a spoonful of coconut oil.

my daily coffee : made with a spoonful of coconut oil.

7:49 am :

Morning weigh in. 179.5!  HELL YEAH!!!! I am officially out of the 180s! I didn’t drink as much water as I could have yesterday. I will try to fix that today. No carb temptations or fantasies about dinner rolls. My so-called friend was waving watermelon and ice cream cake in my face yesterday, but I did not waver!  I think I must put some distance between her and myself for the time being. I have been feeling okay. Aside from yesterday, I felt bitchy towards my friend. More so than what I consider normal. Also, it was Wednesday yesterday, but I swore up and down that it was Tuesday. The carb withdrawals are causing some major misfires in my brain. Luckily, I don’t operate heavy machinery everyday, or have a mentally taxing job. I am also getting distracted very easily. mental function is poor!

I have been loving my daily coffee!!  It feels and tastes exotic and complex! Yum! I look forward to a cup every time I wake up.

Thinking about incorporating some excercise next week. Maybe start my c25k app on the treadmill again. I loved how it defined my calves last time! Think I’m going to do it!


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