Day 3- Keto and …. forgot what I was going to say.


Day 3 on Keto

Weighed myself this morning and came in at 180.5! that’s 1.5 down from yesterday! I needed that. It’s given me the propulsion I needed to get through another day. Its a bit less than ideal that I started Keto at the exact moment when my period started, but whatever, if I wait for the perfect time to start, that would be never.

So far this morning I have had my breakfast casserole again, its nearly gone out of its 9×13 pan. everyone in the house has been eating it, which is a great thing. Tomorrow morning I will make cream cheese pancakes.

I also purchased some keto stix the other day, and I used one this morning. How do I gracefully say… I used it as directed and the color came out a slightly dark pink. This means, the diet is working! That is one of the reasons why I am liking Keto, is that you get to actually eat things other than salads, you get to keep track of what is going on in your body via the keto stix. AND seeing the weight fall off on the scale every morning is also a huge bonus.

I have been feeling foggy brained. having fantasies of dinner rolls and yesterday I had what I am guessing felt like hot flashes. Not that I know what those are at 32 years old.  I can certainly feel the impact of the changed on my brain. Its been a challenge just writing this blog, and writing has always been something that I took pride in. I am looking forward to feel clear minded !





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