WEEK 4, DAY 2!! – The root canal.

Its week 4 already! To be honest, it really feels like week for, but only because I am super impatient. I haven’t stepped on the scale since Friday because I have been in so much pain from my mouth that I haven’t left bed much at all. I Found a new dentist to go to and yesterday he set me up with one of his specialist friends and got me in for a root canal!I have never been so excited in my life to get dental work done, but when your mouth is is excruciating pain, it’s actually an attractive option.

IN keto news, I haven’t cheated! The temptations have been great, and there have been many of them, but my resolve cannot be broken. I am on a mission. It feels like its going slow, which makes it difficult not to be discouraged some times, the key is… STICK WITH IT.

I took a week off of work for a mini stay-cation at home! heaven!

Back to the gym tonight. my mouth is feeling better, so I am going to be getting back to work 😉

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.


Week 3, Day 7 – The Unrelenting Pain in my mouth

I dont know what to do, I have been to the dentist and he told me he cannot see anything!! What the hell, man! Its killing me, to the point of calling off all c25k runs and trips to the gym! Sad!!! Its such a bad pain I had to call off of work tomorrow. And I will be seeking the help of someone, anyone. I cannot go on for a week like this… CANNOT GO ON.


Week 3, Day 5 – Garlic bread


Because of my success with the pizza yesterday, I felt empowered to move forward with my experiments in the kitchen. Today I decided to make a garlic bread. I am so happy I did! The results were delicious.

I used a basic almond meal bread recipe that is keto-friendly it goes as follows.

– 3 large eggs
– 1/3 cup almond meal
– 1.5 tsp baking powder
– 1 tbs butter
Heat oven to 375f. Wisk ingredients together, pour into greased pan. Bake for 20 mins and VOILA!


The bread itself is rather “eggy” tasting and cake-like in texture. So, I am happy that I transformed it into a garlic bread to make it suit my taste buds better.

The magic in this garlic bread is the topping I whipped up

*try not to laugh at the kid spoon and bowl*

I used

– 3 tbs softened butter
– about a tsp of minced garlic
– salt
– parsley
-grated parm cheese

I whipped them all together, and then topped the bread with mozzarella. and YUMMMMMM!


Week 3, Day 5 – Donuts and Poltergeists

I was going to just start talking about how I ate a buttermilk donut covered in a sugary glaze… but that would be misleading. I dreamt that I ate a donut.

I ate that donut with a fevered passion. It was  I felt so damn guilty after I ate it, that I tried to puke it up. But being that I was sleeping, I had no luck. THANK GOD! I have decided that I don’t mind dreaming of eating forbidden things, as long as I don’t feel guilt about it. It’s not my fault that I dream the things I dream. The crazy part of that dream is that it felt so real, I could taste it and I could feel the donut in my mouth ( I will have to make sure I wasn’t trying to eat my pillow, now that I think about it). It was so realistic, that I didn’t realize I was dreaming until my second dream kicked in.

I was at my parents house with my friend (my parents house is always the location for these paranormal types of dreams).  We were in a guest room in their house, sitting on the bed when all of a sudden a books started falling out of the bookcase and one came flying across the room above our heads. I was so terrified that I started praying the rosary.  That’s when I woke up.

Happy to be awake this morning, I pee’d on a Keto stick, just in case I did eat a donut in my sleep, and it’s confirmed that I didn’t! Still deep into ketosis. Also, happy that I’m not being haunted by poltergeist.

I stepped on the scale and I am 171 pounds!

The weight is slowly coming off, and while I am not entirely excited that the process is going slowly, I am happy that progress is being made. I won’t stop! I am going to keep going!



Week 3, Day 4 – Keto pizza

This was seriously delicious.

This was seriously delicious.

I made this amazing pizza this morning. There were a few hiccups with the dough, however. First things first… here is the recipe.

Since I did have the cream cheese, I thought I could substitute with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The taste was amazing, but the dough consistency was all wrong. Next time, I will go strictly by the recipe.

Also, another pointer, USE A NON-STICK PAN!!! I cannot stress this enough. I used an old non-stick pan that has lost its non-sticking abilities, and the result was cheese scramble that I was able to piece back together, somewhat.

Overall, the taste was great. There was lots of cheese, which made it easy to keep the portions small. Very filling. OMG CHEESE!!!

I went to the dentist today, and they don’t know whats wrong with my mouth … so there’s that. Major Bummer, tooth pain, have to go to a specialist. I get to take antibiotics and some pain meds till the antibiotics hopefully take care of the pain.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in! And I am skipping my run tonight, Not feeling well. Aiming for tomorrow!!

HOpe you all had a lovely day!! Updates to come tomorrow!


Week 3, Day 3 – I should learn patience…

Who was I kidding, thinking I could stay away from the scale for a week at a time? It’s a very good thought, but I broke down and ended up stepping on it this morning.

The results? 172.5

10 pounds have left my life. I wish it was a bit more rapid than that, but progress is progress! I still fully intend to share my results on friday!

I ran last night. Only felt like giving up once, and that was my own fault for thinking I had what it took to sprint instead of just jog, yep, that nearly killed me especially since I did it in the beginning of a 1.5 min jog. That meant I had to continue jogging after my sprint. UGH. Not my brightest idea ever. I kept jogging albeit a slow and pathetic jog. I guess the point is, I didn’t throw in the towel. I kept going.

Tonight, it’s the gym again! I am looking forward to that.

I also have a terrible toothache, set up an appointment for Monday. When I get them, my disposition changes to a rather nasty one. 😦 I hope I can stave it off with leftover antibiotics, ibuprofen and rest. 5 days!! 😦 such a long time to suffer with a throbbing mouth. Oh well.

Have a great day!!

Update 8:07pm – Oh, thank heavens. I have an appointment tomorrow at 2 instead of waiting 5 days. I am pretty sure my family would smother me in my sleep if I was tooth-ache bitchy for five days. I wouldn’t blame them! Now, I have relief coming my way ( I hope ). I haven’t been able to eat dinner tonight. I’m very sad. Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. First time ever I have ever looked forward to going to the dentist.

Week 3, Day 1!!- The day I go back to the gym!

imageimage In between the days I run (going to run every other day), I need something to fill in that gap of time on my off running days. And sitting on the couch or laying in bed browsing the internet can totally be replaced by some cardio at the gym. If you are wondering why I havent gone to the gym yet it’s because I have had my reasons. Reason #1, there is a former friend that goes religiously, and I havent been wanting to run into her. and Reason #2, embarrassment (my face turns a bright red color when I work out, it’s just NOT CUTE). BUT!!! Since I have started singing while I run and deciding IDGAF about what people think. There is NO reason why that cannot cross over into the gym.

So, today, after all of my work and motherly obligations have been met, I am going to go! I would be lying if I said I wasnt slightly nervous. I really have no idea what to do other than the elliptical and SOME machines. I would really like to start lifting weights, but I have no idea where to start. I guess I could watch some YouTube videos and start there? Regardless, I am going.

I also need to start taking pictures of all the bars of soap I have that are ready to sell, then I need to set up a website for them. Im a busy busy bee these days 🙂 it feels good.

I hope you are well, and having a great day. I will be sure to update you tomorrow on how my night at the gym goes! Wish me luck!!! 🙂